All American Exteriors LLC fixes storm damage.  Has your property been damaged in a storm?  Do you need an experienced company to help with storm restoration?  All American Exteriors LLC is an expert residential and commercial storm restoration construction company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As a licensed building contractor serving the Minneapolis metropolitan area we are ready to respond quickly and efficiently after a storm or catastrophic event.  

All American Exteriors LLC provides FREE property inspections to residential and commercial property owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metropolitan area after a storm or catastrophic event.  We thoroughly inspect your roofing, exteriors walls, windows, and gutters for any storm related damage that may be present.  All American Exteriors LLC can expertly repair and restore your property back to normal.  We work directly with your insurance company to get it done fast and hassle free.  Call us today for your FREE no hassle property inspection!


How do I know if my property or roof was damaged by a storm?

Simple. Call the experts at All American Exteriors LLC and schedule a FREE property inspection.  We can quickly and easily identify any storm damage to your property or roof.

Most property owners cannot see roof damage from the ground from storm related events such as hail or wind. Hail damage to roofing structures needs to be inspected by trained professionals.

All American Exteriors LLC Project Manager will conduct a free inspection and take photos of all damage, prepare proper scope of damages, estimate at fair market pricing and in a professional format that insurance company and/or insurance assessor will understand.

All American Exteriors LLC Project Manager will also meet any adjuster and/or other building contractors at your property to provide any ladders, photos, estimates that the insurance assessor requires to get your insurance claim and the scope of works approved. Additionally, we will make sure all items that are damaged by storm get covered by your insurance company and complete repairs at no out-of-pocket expense to the property owner.


How do I file an insurance claim for storm damage?

If storm damage is found by a All American Exteriors LLC Project Manager during your free inspection, you simply call your insurance company to file a claim.

File a claim for the storm damage that occurred to your property and the date of storm or catastrophic event. Please make note of your claim number and contact and notify us so we can send in our photos, scope and estimate to your insurance company.

Will filing a claim cost me money?


The insurance company is paying for your restoration due to storm damage. The only cost to you is your excess. The company actually doing the work will charge the excess.


If you are in the following storm damaged areas, call us today!

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