So, you’re in need of a complete roof?  Or maybe your roof doesn’t need to be fully replaced but you’re experiencing a problem and need a repair? All American Exteriors LLC, as the Twin Cities premier roofing contractor, would like to help you with your roofing project!  All American Exteriors, LLC only offers the very best roofing products and warranties, giving our customers peace-of-mind with their roofing project!

We have been helping homeowners with their roofing repairs and replacements in Minnesota.  We will properly install (according to manufacturer specifications) your new roofing system and provide you with only the best warranties that cover both PRODUCT and WORKMANSHIP.

Contractors offer various length of warranty to their homeowners to cover their workmanship.  These warranties can range from 1-year and beyond.  If there is a problem with a new roof, a homeowner hopes that the contractor stands behind their work and is responsive to resolve the issue.  Too often, though, contractors are either out of business, won’t answer their phone or will delay in coming back to the roof they installed.

The program is simple:  After the roofing project is complete, we inspect the roof completely (not only for workmanship errors, but to make sure that they roof looks as though it should).  A year later, we contact our customer that it is time for us to inspect the roof again, and we visit the home to give the roof a complete inspection.  We continue this annual inspection process for at least 10 years.

Roofs are not “maintenance-free”.  The roof comes into contact with extreme weather patterns and temperature swings of more than 100 degrees.  The home itself can move and shift throughout the year which can loosen nails holding the roofing material together.  Snow and ice can cover the roof and challenge the boundaries and abilities of the roofing underlayments (ice and water shield), caulking, flashings, etc.  Hiring a company to check over the roof once a year is not only a wise thing to do, it should be a yearly requirement.  This inspection process is INCLUDED WITH EVERY ONE OF OUR COMPLETE ROOFING PROJECTS—  Consider us for your upcoming roofing project.

Attention To Detail. . .

Most homes have a ‘concern area’ on the roof.  These are areas we want to pay special attention to at the time of the estimate, through the time of the crew doing the project and even through our inspection process each year.  It might be a chimney, or skylight penetrations or even the architecture of the roof structure on the home that may pose problems if not roofed correctly.  We FOCUS in on these areas specifically.  Yes, anyone can install new shingles on a home, but NOT EVERYONE can install a roof correctly, especially if there are obstacles on the roof that demand special attention.  Our employees are FACTORY TRAINED and CERTIFIED from the top shingle manufacturers.  Our company is the right company for you because we pay special attention to details with your roofing system even before any work is started.

Too Many Choices?

Picking out a new design for the roof can be a daunting task.  There are so many different types of shingles to choose from and colors of shingles to consider that it can quickly become overwhelming.  Asphalt shingles are the most popular and affordable choice, and their warranties range from 25 years to lifetime.  We offer everything from the standard 3-tab and dimensional shingles to the very heavy-weight designer lifetime warranty shingles. We also can send you home with sample shingle charts to get the right style and color shingle for your home.

What’s The Cost?

The cost of most lifetime roofing warranty shingles are not as expensive as one might think.  As soon as we have the measurements to your home or business, our roofing estimators can quote you a price for any shingle you are interested in, while still focusing on the details of the home.  Our proposal will be written with detail to you home, and we can modify any and all elements of the proposal depending upon your budgeting needs.

Just A Small Repair?

Having some problems or issues with your roofing system?  We do smaller repairs also!  From storm/animal damage to sudden leaks around chimneys or even skylights, we can help you with your repair needs.  Our trained estimators can meet with you to investigate what the problem is  and put together a FREE ESTIMATE to solve the problem.  Give us a call today if you’re interested in talking with us further.

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